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Basket of Natural Treasures (Pikler)

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Basket of Natural Treasures (Pikler)

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The Treasure Basket (also called the treasure basket) is made of natural materials such as wood, rattan marrow, cotton... The selected elements are designed so that the Children can handle them safely and safely from 6 months.

Tell us when making the purchase the age of the baby and we will make sure that the toys are the ones indicated for her development within the variety of rattles and toys that we have.

It is a perfect gift for babies and newborns with which you will surely hit the mark. In the Pikler-Lóczy pedagogy, the baby will play with natural elements that will help them discover for themselves thanks to the manipulation and interest that the articles will arouse in them.
The basket of natural treasures is composed of:
-Treasure basket in jute with a diameter of 20 cm.
-Pickler scarf to attract the baby's attention thanks to its contrasts and shapes
- A Waldorf Kite made of short strips with different textures tied to the natural beech wood ring, with which the senses and psychomotricity will work
-A rattan marrow rattle with maraca shape, to stimulate the baby's psychomotricity
-A wooden rattle to stimulate the ear
-A teether made of natural rattan pith
- A pikler ball made of natural rattan marrow, which, thanks to its geometry and low weight, can be easily manipulated by the baby and hold it without any problem between her little fingers.

All this is presented wrapped in cellophane with a bow.

NOTE*The images are indicative, the product models will be sent according to stock color and motif, and each product may be replaced by another with the same characteristics, quality and price.

The main characteristic of the game with the Pikler methodology is that in it the little ones discover autonomously and learn with their innate capacity thanks to exploration, manipulation and curiosity.

Although this type of game must be played autonomously, it is important that there is always supervision by an adult during its development, especially with parts that can be damaged by a blow (for example rattles).

The pieces made of wood have a polished finish, so that the formation of splinters that can cause damage during the game is prevented, in addition, Labores Bella always carries out a final quality check before sending it to customers, that ensure the absence of foreign bodies and damage to all toys.

However, it is important that the toys are inspected by adults before and after the game to prevent possible damage or flaws to their surface. cause injuries to children. This check is even more important and should be done more thoroughly whenever the toy has been hit hard or dropped onto a hard surface from a considerable height.
Based on stock availability, it is possible that the appearance of the basket or some of the items may vary, but their size or functionality will be similar or have better features.

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